What Is Classic Mapquest?

Nonscaling patterns can look better for maps with larger subdivisions, like the simple World map or the US states map. Scaling patterns are better for maps with small subdivisions, like the detailed maps or the US counties map. Autosave is made frequently, as you color and edit your map. There is one autosave kept for each page on the website, stored locally in your browser’s cache. To save the current map configuration (colors of countries-states, borders, legend data), click the button below to download a small mapchartSave.txt file containing all the information.

  • As part of the terms of the deal, MapQuest and will share revenue from the roadside assistance service, though the companies declined to disclose specific details.
  • If it’s a web page, reduce the size of the web page printout by adjusting the zoom or scale settings to fit in a Landscape mode page.
  • The Company was at its peak in the year 2013 when there were about mapquest 85 million BlackBerry users across the Globe.

MapQuest pioneered the geocoding technology and algorithms that first turned satellite imagery and road map data into searchable, turn-by-turn directions. Today, the company continues to refine its routing technology to provide not only the most accurate directions, but also advanced features like maximizing fuel efficiency and viewing real-time traffic cams., the original online map app, was acquired by Aol several years ago. While the site is no longer the dominant mapping service, it still gets a lot of local search traffic for people looking for both directions and businesses. You want to make sure that your business is listed there and that it’s up to date.

Business owners can also flag a review to be removed, if the review violates Yelp’s content guidelines. Current statusOnlineWritten inPython, Java and a custom frameworkYelp’s website,, is a crowd-sourced local business review and social networking site. The site has pages devoted to individual locations, such as restaurants or schools, where Yelp users can submit a review of their products or services using a one to five star rating scale. Businesses can also update contact information, hours, and other basic listing information or add special deals. In addition to writing reviews, users can react to reviews, plan events, or discuss their personal lives.

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By 2010, it had $30 million in revenue, and the website had published about 4.5 million crowd-sourced reviews. From 2009 to 2012, Yelp expanded throughout Europe and Asia. In 2009, it entered unsuccessful negotiations to be acquired by Google. Yelp became a public company via an initial public offering in March 2012 and became profitable for the first time two years later. For preplanning a trip, though, check out Bing Maps.

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You can also add a shopping cart icon, social icons, and a call-to-action button. The proportion chosen for a particular map is its scale. Selecting the appropriate scale depends on the size of the sheet of paper and the accurate placement of features.

There are many ways to figure out where you are — your IP address, your wireless network connection, which cell tower your device is connected to, built-in GPS hardware. This page aims to show your physical location as it seen by websites over the Internet when you use this particular browsing environment. But Waze said that while it was saddened by the incident, it can’t do anything if that’s the address that users select.

Google’s Map Team can pull street signs, turn lane signs, house numbers, and other details out of an image to improve existing maps. They’re also using new machine learning and AI to fill in their data gaps. Among these limitations are the lack of transit navigation and support for indoor maps of airports, shopping centers, and other points of interests found in Google and Apple Maps. Though nowhere near a famous as its Google and Apple counterparts, MapQuest has nevertheless remained a solid and reliable navigation app that’s definitely worth checking out. The app has mapped out 252 countries and regions and comes standard with numerous features that makes it a great companion while sightseeing in a different state or country. Google purchased Waze back in 2013, and has used Google Maps data since then to enhance its user-curated services, and vice versa.

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