Lt.’s needs to own naked photos out of officers had been consensual, cops chief claims

Lt.’s needs to own naked photos out of officers had been consensual, cops chief claims

DUNWOODY, Ga. – Lieutenant Fidel Espinoza is towards Dunwoody Cops Service as the it was authored. Their field create end with an abrupt resignation and you will a sensational admission.

“Espinoza admitted in my opinion which he had traded intimately direct images, video and you can comments” that have under officers, Cops Master Billy Grogan blogged within his interior affairs declaration. The latest report try artwork, and certainly will be considered entirely right here.

The authorities master in person handled the research “due to the significant nature of those allegations,” he penned, although Head Grogan was called on municipal step you to circulated the investigation.

Lt. Espinoza are an effective frontrunner from the department’s top place of work. Because only management lieutenant, he was responsible for choosing brand new officials, and then he met with the ability to lay self-confident or bad critiques during the officers’ files.

The police chief’s studies finished the new sexting ring – related to 10 officers and you may a leading management in a team they known as “F*** Boys” – are all consensual.

“Although it is obvious you to Espinoza texted/snap-chatted specific messages, pictures, texts and video clips with lots of team and you may previous team,” the chief typed, “there is no research one Espinoza’s carry out in this regard included any coercion, dangers, or pledges out of preferential cures in exchange for participation from the perform.”

This new Inform you, 11Alive’s investigative class, features received sms that the head didn’t include in their inner investigation. Those people texts tell a different sort of facts.

The language messages

Captain Grogan attached a huge selection of texting in order to his inner affairs statement, proving several men officers and Lt. Espinoza requesting and you will sharing nude photos away from on their own, asking for particular images of every other’s genitalia, and you may explaining artwork gender serves.

An image texted of the Lt. Espinoza suggests a police officer by using the urinal throughout the cops institution men’s, taken secretly of over the next stands.

Regarding texts brand new agencies features create, the fresh officers is actually fully interested toward intimate make, and appearance becoming willing members. The principle figured you to officer are new “instigator in several of them sexual texting,” together with master felt like it was not his best lieutenant.

The chief says Administrator Roger Halstead got initiated this new intimate chats. The same previous administrator has started to become suing the chief while the urban area, and whose notice in order to sue sparked the study.

The suit

Previous police officer Roger Halstead charged Captain Grogan, the metropolis regarding Dunwoody, several urban area authorities, and today-previous Lt. Fidel Espinoza.

“I experienced to view my straight back even more regarding members of my personal own institution than simply bad guys on the street,” Halstead informed The brand new Show.

Halstead kept the brand new institution this past year and also had difficulties taking a position ever since. The guy claims throughout the lawsuit you to Dunwoody and you may Lt. Espinoza features blackballed him once the he complained about police executives so you’re able to Dunwoody’s recruiting company prior to he left.

A text message delivered of Lt. Espinoza so you’re able to Halstead is the lieutenant claiming Halstead are “using fire” from the filing an unbarred info request having another cops service in order to score information on Dunwoody cops commanders, and you may Espinoza informed your, “they are aware everyone in the county.”

The latest lawsuit claims Espinoza “threatened your having never being able to are employed in the authorities once again if the the guy continued to your Open Information Work toward other command teams.”

The main contends the text message replace is advice regarding perhaps not consuming links, but it met with the aftereffect of flipping Halstead up against his friend, Lt. Espinoza.

Halstead’s match including refers to a dual existence he says he was compelled to lead in order to save his business. “Espinoza’s affairs just weren’t consensual having Halstead however, noticed a quid expert quo to have continued a position reputation,” new suit claims.

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