Liz, Please don’t even hint that their is anything “bad” about you

Liz, Please don’t even hint that their is anything “bad” about you

If the marriage survived

This is how they win. It’s not you, it’s them. These pigs are psychic vampires causing psychological injury. The injury is PTSD. Please forgive that many, many years of physical, financial, emotional, spiritual and any other abuse that is legal in Canada and some that are not, had caused an Elvis style sneer to develop at the left side of my smile and an inability to refer to an adult bully as anything but a pig because there is nothing humane about the adult bully. Just a childhood bully who grew up and continued to get away with it. Do you live in Collingwood or Keswick or Richmond Hill, Ontario. Actually, they don’t call Toronto HOG town for nothing.

Oinky oink oink. I moved from the great GTA in York Region to Simcoe Grey. It’s the same here too. I suspect in a University town will you find the emotional and intellectual level of humanity and cooperation that everyone, regardless of education or financial health once enjoyed. It is well known that “you don’t quote the bible in Keswick” It’s a saying that decent humans use to describe how positively neanderthal / primitive 9% of those born in or have relocated to the bedroom of T. O. One thing I did make careful note of was that University educated families and people with what were once considered good strong values, fairness in attitudes and beliefs and compassion, were usually forced by bullying to sell their homes and move to a safer environment within two years.

I have a sweatshirt that says “IT’S NOT ME, IT’S YOU”! I look at my beautiful, vulnerable, crippled self in the mirror before I take a Lorazepam to calm my anxiety, put my It’s not me sweatshirt on and take my walker/rollater (because I am too crippled to walk independently or sit without pain on a wheelchair), down the hall to try to get the mail from the boxes in the lobby where the bullies congregate waiting to feed of the positive energies of others all day long. Their motive is to fill this entire 57 unit apartment building with their family members. The head of the snake, Kevin Jameson (the head of the snake in this building) and his several obviously horribly abused as children sisters populate 10% of the units.

Of the six floors, not one is safe from haters. Look on the bright side…at least you have a husband and ily members on your side. Think of me, completely alone in every way possible, literally dying of poverty and poor Ontario Health Care dealing with the total and complete physical disability all caused from bullying. Seriously, I kid you not. My Doctor warns that, if I choose to return to any of my abusers, he will no longer be able to support me in my quest for wellness. As it is, both Dr. I hope to have a very readable 10 part article about the bully and his or her targets by early spring. I won’t even approach the Globe and Mail but, the Star or the Post might print something with two professionals health care providers names attached.

Don’t give up anyone on this blog. Just remember even though “only the good die young” Human beings outlive pig beings by many decades.


So, I have calmly stood while my sister screams and yells – making nasty uncalled for and inaccurate comments in private and public places. I have stated that I find the behavior inappropriate. I have distanced myself – we live on different coasts – and limit phone conversations strictly. My Mom tends to try and appease the bullying to the point where I get blamed for “instigating”. I know it’s nonsense but I also know if has to be part of the problem. What I’d like help understanding is this bullying or is this likely something else going on here like a personality disorder? We are in our 50s. I feel like there are few options left for ME to change aside from total avoidance.

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