Hanna might have been seeing Mona on the Radley Sanitarium, and you can Wren Kingston is actually working as among the lady medical professionals

Hanna might have been seeing Mona on the Radley Sanitarium, and you can Wren Kingston is actually working as among the lady medical professionals

But not, Hanna places the woman message aside and you will talks aside just like the Mona’s friend into the panel

Hanna appears getting solutions, wondering exactly what she performed and make Mona dislike the woman a whole lot. When Mona simply sits truth be told there nonetheless and you will almost deceased. She has a beneficial glazed try the girl sight and you will remains with an effective stoic expression. Just after Hanna leaves, Mona spies since Wren and you can Hanna speak about their. Afterwards when Wren calls Hanna he says that Mona is actually while making improvements and then he believes it is regarding Hanna’s visits. Hanna tries to complete to help you Mona once more and you can requires the woman in the event the she desires her to save returning. Mona looks over and you may grins it is cheerful in the a blank settee. Mona is basically hallucinating and you may sees Alison holding the lady “Lolita” guide, wear a yellow layer, smiling right back.

Mona looks indifferently during the the woman reflection on the reflect

Mona is still catatonic. Hanna gets angry this time and you can yells on Mona about precisely how she feels throughout the the girl destroying this lady lifestyle. No matter if Hanna leaves a chair across the room, Mona just stays silent. Wren shows you so you can Hanna what she’s suffering is an unclear loss – the individual she cares regarding the continues, but she’s missing them anyway. Hanna in the end understands an easy way to break through in order to Mona – giving the girl a makeover, complete with eyeshadow, foundation, and you can makeup. Mona talks for the first time because Hanna’s check outs – “You’re getting him or her again, are not your? New messages?” In advance of Hanna can get something from Mona, the woman is shuffled from the place. Alone inside her chair, Mona glides tweezers out of under the girl and you can pricks their finger involved, making it possible for a decline from bloodstream in order to bloom.

Hanna check outs Mona again. She is today speaking a lot more and slightly bubbly. She continues on these are brand new pills, liquid, and gum when you look at the a relatively delusional method. Mona plus mentions their parents had reach head to the lady however, they simply look during the the woman such as for example they won’t see which she was more. She serves clueless when Hanna states the new “A good,” and you will bluntly asks “Provides they discover what’s left out of Alison?” Lucas in addition to what is airg visits the lady after Hanna to see if “the woman is most intellectual.” He thinks Mona is actually faking to help you stay out of jail. Caleb later check outs the lady so you can alert the woman not to wreck havoc on Hanna. Because she takes on cards she taunts him on early in the day situations, then flips over the desk and begins screaming. She actually is past seen lying conscious inside her sleep vocal “Throughout the Vision Abides one’s heart” in order to herself, carrying one to credit from their online game that have Caleb, The King from Minds.

Aria visits Mona from the Radley. She tells the girl that Hanna try delivered the fresh new Ouija panel you to Mona and you may Hanna immediately after used to query how it happened so you can Alison. Aria asks Mona who’s trying to harm her or him however, Mona states it isn’t this lady also to share with Hanna one to she actually is sorry. Mona draws him or her on Child’s Ward. Mona brushes a doll’s locks and you may repeats:

Mona is then sent back so you’re able to her place. Later, Hanna says to Aria, Spencer, and you can Emily one to Mona is actually having fun with a password that they had just after familiar with create suggest posts on Alison on her forgotten flyers. Using the earliest page of each term, it know that the following code/riddle (come across a lot more than) means “massugar” – Maya’s web site.

The hospital thinks you to definitely Mona might have been falling a few of the lady meds so you can a travellers. It want to circulate her so you can a max-cover facility from inside the Saratoga, New york. Knowing that the newest girls’ possibilities to attract more answers regarding the “A” are receiving shorter, Hanna methods Wren regarding convincing a medical facility board to let Mona stand. Wren says to Hanna which he cannot do anything about it, very Hanna brings her very own certified message for the board. It plan to allow her to sit.

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