Certain extremely important Combinations getting judging Companion away from D-9 Graph

Certain extremely important Combinations getting judging Companion away from D-9 Graph

In the event your seventh home out-of Navamsa is Cancer tumors, Your wife gets small nose, very small temple, heavy locks on the base, mad conclusion, wandering character. This new 7th Lord Moon can make Your lady pleased, Liked by some body, pro from inside the agriculture, chatty, attracted to water.

In the event the 7th household regarding Navamsa try Leo, Your ex partner will receive wide temple, thick tresses into the foot, enraged behavior, Separate character. New 7th Lord Sunlight makes your wife quite strong, confident and you can Separate.

In the event your 7th home out-of Navamsa was Sagittarius, Your spouse will receive joyful character, panel forehead, huge ears, gets crazy sporadically, honest, chatty.

Whether your 7th family off Navamsa try Pisces, Your lady are certain to get Lovely character, has an effective vision and you will nose, honest in the wild, daring individual, losing ideas.

In the event the 7th family off Navamsa try Capricorn, Your wife are certain to get Top truly body structure, Dark Complexion, wide face, sharp inside the cleverness, Careful.

Thus Jupiter gives your ex a charming identity, glamorous sight, protruding stomach, practical, unbiased thinking, fearless, rich, well-liked by someone, visual inclination, acknowledged by women, enjoys a great children and you may loved ones

In the event your 7th home out-of Navamsa try Aquarius, Him or her will have Larger ears, board shoulders, sluggish, smart, talkative, sometime acts foolishly. He or she Might be philanthropic.

Having Csa chart, Saturn is the seventh Lord. Thus Saturn can make brand new native separate, Patient and you can Open-minded. It will A while render Late Relationship otherwise delayed Marriage.

For a great and you will happy relationship life, we have to earliest understand the position of your seventh Lord from Rashi chart(D1) during the D9 chart. Society shouldn’t be debilitated otherwise put through Malefic in Navamsa. In the event the seventh Lord out-of Navamsa are Well-placed and Strong, it means that Mate will have A great Financial status.

This new Navamsa Signal where seventh Lord from D1 chart are Put, can give all of us suggestions about the Social standing and Standing away from your spouse.

Following we have to understand the seventh home off Navamsa chart and you will updates from 7th lord of Navamsa Lagna. If the all of them is within Great condition, we are able to safely assume Delighted Relationships Lifetime.

Saturn and you may Rahu integration from the 7th domestic off Navamsa chart can give you a partner from More Status and you will people. If your Darakaraka Globe is conjunct having Globes Including Saturn, Rahu, Ketu etc, Additionally, it may make you somebody out of other Status.

Merely Immediately after Time Data off Head delivery chart and you may D9 graph, You want to arrive at people End. When anyone approach us to own Wedding/Relationship Session we have fun with all the previously mentioned techniques and you may many more to come to a keen achievement.

Rahu and you will Venus Consa Chart

Rahu is the globe out-of extension. So when Rahu comes in contact with people World they amplifies the ability of these entire world.

Venus ‘s the Entire world of Love, Love, Graphic and creative Enjoy inside us. It will be the Entire world regarding Luxury and morale. This area of the world off Notice into the a great Horoscope.

When Rahu and Venus can be found in cone indication, it does increase this new Qualities away from Venus. It increase the Interests within you. It help the Personal Characteristics. It will enhance our Appeal and you’ll be far more more inclined on the Lavish and comfy Life. You want Large Domestic Particularly an enormous Bungalow otherwise Deluxe autos an such like. Contained in this Processes we’re going to in addition to Spend a lot of money also.

Navamsa is the Fundamental divisional graph getting wedding and you can dating. But which Rahu-Venus consa graph otherwise D9 graph is not experienced Good for a great Married life or a good Dating. As it increases the brand new appeal contained in this us, we really do not get fulfillment out-of a romance without difficulty.

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